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Law Office RAINIO - FRANCE  
Lawyers in Lyon in France

French law office in LYON, Legal Counsel for businesses and companies. Our lawyers can assist with all aspects of your commercial venture including:
- creating companies, corporate governance, commercial structuring, business structures;
- French contract law,
- and in French Employment law.

The Law Office of Avocats RAINIO has objectives of professional excellence and client service.

Located in LYON, in France, the law office has experience in french commercial and civils laws, as well as the french family and civil, litigations. As a law office, we deliver superior value through the service we provide, while maintaining a highest level of professionalism and integrity.


  • French Commercial Law:

Creation of businesses and french companies, analysis and drafting of contracts, monitoring legal and contractual approval of accounts, sales of businesses, drafting commercial lease, Commercial litigation ...

  • French Contract Law:

French lease contracts, sales representative agreements ...

  • French Employment Law:

Contracts of employment, dismissal ....

Online services:

Quote for French contracts
- Quote for French contracts Analysis
- Frecnh legal advice online
- Creation of French Company: EURL SARL SAS
- Approval of accounts of French company
- Terms - French Conditions of Use


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Cabinet d'Avocats Rainio is made up of french lawyers and legal experts dedicated to businesses, entrepreneurs and company directors.

The firm's main clients are :
  • company directors,
  • entrepreneurs and start-ups,
  • company directors,
  • and self-employed professionals,

... to support, assist and defend them throughout the life of their business, company or practice: from the creation of the business or company, to the drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions, with personalized legal assistance, to the management of litigation and legal strategies, right up to the end of the business, through its sale or that of its goodwill, or its liquidation.

Maître Timo RAINIO, a member of the LYON Bar, and the other members of the firm, aim to have a thorough understanding of the manager's business or company and how it operates, in order to facilitate all the legal and judicial steps he or she needs to take.

Our law firm has expertise in the following areas:

  • French business law and corporate taxation (setting up companies (SARL, SAS, etc.) and businesses, commercial leases, commercial contracts, general terms and conditions, acquisition and sale of businesses or companies, legal secretarial services, approval of accounts, etc.).

  • French contract law (analysis and drafting of contracts, commercial leases, service contracts, general terms and conditions of sale, deposit agreements, trademark licensing agreements, cooperation agreements, distribution agreements, etc.). Contractual litigation: contract cancellation, contract resolution, unforeseeability, force majeure, contractual liability).

  • European Digital law (Website legal audit, General terms and conditions of sale and use, personal data, RGPD, domain names and trademarks, e-reputation, removal of disparaging or defamatory content...),

  • French labor law consulting (company referendum, election of CSE members, internal regulations) and litigation or pre-litigation (management of dismissal proceedings, industrial tribunal, contractual severance, settlements, etc.).
Timo RAINIO, lawyer in Lyon 2, and the lawyers of the firm Avocats Rainio offer you their expertise in business and corporate law to support you effectively in your business projects through legal assistance, such as the purchase or sale of your business or company shares, the creation of a company, SARL or SAS, the drafting and management of a contract, such as legal design, commercial leases or management leases, problems of ereputation or removal of content on the Internet (digital law - LCEN), employment contracts or the management of collective labor relations (company agreement, election of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE), company referendum), disputes with a service provider, supplier or customer, or with a partner of your company. ..

Our law firm offers online legal advice. We offer our legal services on a fixed-fee basis, or on an estimated-budget basis when a fixed fee is not possible. Lyon lawyer Timo RAINIO regularly publishes legal articles on the law firm's legal blog and on social networks.

The law firm's practice areas in corporate and commercial law are :

Lawyer Business and corporate law :

Business and corporate law is (in general) a branch of private law.

It includes:
  • French commercial law, which covers merchants and commercial acts (commercial lease, purchase or sale of a business, commercial contract, employment contract, etc.), commercial companies and sole proprietorships and micro-enterprises. Except in special cases (such as commercial leases), disputes between merchants are handled by the Commercial Court (mainly the Lyon Commercial Court, for which Avocats Rainio acts as lead counsel or postulates).
  • French contract law, which covers the law of obligations and the law of special contracts (commercial leases, etc.),
  • French corporate law, which covers the creation, operation and dissolution of private companies (SARL, SAS, SASU, SCOP, etc.), competition law, which defines relations between economic agents in their dealings with the market (anti-competitive practices....), insolvency law, which covers procedures for safeguarding, reorganizing or liquidating companies in difficulty, intellectual property law (trademarks, know-how, etc.) and industrial property law (patents, etc.), banking law, which governs banking activities and the law of bills of exchange.

French Employment law lawyer :

French labor law is a branch of private law that governs relations between an employer and an employee, from hiring and the signing of an employment contract (CDI, CDD, etc.) to the termination of the contract (cancellation, notice of termination, dismissal, contractual termination, etc.). It defines the creation, execution and termination of an employment contract, as well as trade union freedoms, safety standards in the workplace and the protection of vulnerable workers. An employment lawyer in Lyon can handle the drafting of employment contracts (open-ended or fixed-term, CDI or CDD), amendments to employment contracts, CSE elections, company referendums, internal regulations, termination of employment agreements, etc. He will also be able to advise you on all aspects of employment law. The law firm can also handle disputes before the Lyon Labour Court and the Lyon Court of Appeal.

Digital law lawyer :
European and French Digital law is one of the branches of "New" Information and Communication Technologies law. It deals with issues of privacy, intellectual property protection and digital accessibility.
His practice focuses on Internet-related issues (e-reputation, search engine optimization, CNIL, personal data protection - RGPD, right to be forgotten), and certain offenses committed on the Internet (revenge porn, denigration, false customer reviews, defamation, insult, etc.).

Lawyer Contract law, Civil law :

French civil law is a branch of private law that governs relationships between people.

It is divided into several main branches:
  • the law of obligations and the law of special contracts (leases, commercial leases, professional leases, loans, etc.),
  • personal law (guardianship, curatorship),
  • family law (alimony, divorce, etc.),
  • property law (ownership, disturbance of use, etc.),
  • inheritance law.
  • Consumer law lawyer :

French Consumer law is a branch of private law that governs relations between consumers and professionals.

The french Consumer Code gives the following definition of a consumer and a professional:
  • "consumer": any natural person acting for purposes which do not fall within the scope of his or her commercial, industrial, craft, liberal or agricultural activity;
  • "non-professional": any legal entity not acting for professional purposes;
  • "professional": any natural or legal person, public or private, acting for purposes within the scope of its commercial, industrial, craft, liberal or agricultural activity, including when acting in the name or on behalf of another professional.

Why call on the services of a commercial and corporate lawyer in Lyon?

A lawyer specializing in corporate and commercial law in Lyon is at your side to advise you on the creation and day-to-day running of your business.

An expert commercial lawyer in Lyon will be able to analyze and advise you effectively to secure the contracts entered into by your company.

From company incorporation, to the electronic or face-to-face signing of a commercial lease agreement, to the drafting of business partnership agreements, general terms and conditions of sale and use, compliance with RGPD laws and regulations, debt collection and the management of unpaid invoices, or financial difficulties, a Lawyer regularly involved in business and commercial law in Lyon will be at your side to advise you.
Businesses and commercial companies are regularly involved in commercial disputes with their suppliers, partners, customers or service providers before the Commercial Court. The firm's lawyer, a legal professional, is familiar with the internal workings of your company, and can provide you with appropriate legal advice and information.

Company formation and legal advice on corporate law:

Setting up a company is a crucial stage in the life of a business. Questions relating to the choice of corporate form (SARL, EURL, SAS, etc.) need to be discussed with a competent lawyer and legal professional, to enable you to develop your business as effectively as possible. A business lawyer can advise you on the clauses in the articles of association of an SAS or SARL that will protect your personal assets and those of the company's partners or shareholders. The law firm can also take care of your company's legal secretariat, such as the annual general meeting to approve the accounts (agoa), change of director, chairman or manager, transfer of registered office, increase or reduction in share capital, etc. The law firm also offers legal assistance packages for small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 11 employees. These are time-limited subscription packages which are not 'tacitly' renewed. To this end, the law firm offers legal assistance packages to small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 11 employees. These are time-limited subscription packages that are not 'tacitly' renewable, and are offered on a flat fee basis depending on the type of assistance: telephone legal hotline for legal advice and e-mail correspondence on simple legal questions (€99.00 excl. tax / €118.80 incl. VAT per month, with a one-month trial period), or more comprehensive legal assistance involving the drafting of lawyers' letters, deeds and contracts over the period (€300 excl. tax / €360 incl. VAT per month, 3-month commitment).

Why call on the services of a Contract Lawyer in Lyon?

The law firm of Maître RAINIO, Attorney at Law in Lyon, specializes in business and corporate law, as well as contract law. These areas of business and contract law, when applied to the company and/or the corporation, require a lawyer to master many other laws related to business life and to the contract concluded between the parties: digital law, labor law, corporate tax law, civil law...
Timo RAINIO has a number of recognized diplomas and solid professional experience, enabling him and the other members of the law firm to provide you with the best possible advice and/or to take charge of the drafting of your contracts.   Finally, in the event of litigation, we can offer you comprehensive legal and judicial assistance to resolve commercial disputes amicably, through conciliation or through the courts.

Contracts are an ever-present part of our daily lives, whether as private individuals or as professionals, businesses, managers or company chairmen. A simple contract for the sale of a product or service requires the parties to comply with certain obligations, which differ according to a number of legal parameters: type of contract, sector of activity, type of product or service, etc.

Contract law and special contract law (i.e. 'regulated' contracts such as commercial leases) encompass all the legal rules governing contracts under French law. Contract law is a rich, highly technical field. The ordinance of February 10, 2016 n°2016-131 significantly reformed contract law. While this ordinance took over most of the articles of the 1804 Civil Code and codified certain case law in the law of obligations and contract law, it also introduced new rules, notably concerning the theory of unforeseeability. It is now possible for a party to obtain, under certain legal conditions, the modification of the contract it has signed if circumstances have since changed.

The reform of contract law is one of the reasons why the intervention of a competent contract lawyer is essential to safeguard the interests of the company. The benefit of a contract law attorney is to assist and advise you in the drafting and signing of a contract, as well as in the event of problems encountered by the company.

Maître RAINIO, lawyer in Lyon 2, drafts and revises all types of contracts for professionals, companies and individuals. The law firm's legal assistance may concern a sales contract, a supply contract, General Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or Use or General Terms and Conditions of Service, General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, a commission contract, a brokerage contract, a contract for the provision of services, a commercial lease or a professional lease, a surety agreement, a franchise agreement including preparation of the DIP and assistance with the know-how manual, a loan for use agreement, a commissioning agreement, a depot-sale agreement, a confidentiality or non-competition clause, a partnership agreement, a preference agreement, a distribution agreement (Franchise, Master Franchise... ) or a concession contract.

We offer the drafting of contract(s) with the mention and formalism of the "Acte d'Avocat" and the possibility of electronic contract signature, remotely. Once the identities and contact details of the parties have been verified, the contract is countersigned, either online or in person, by the lawyer and the parties. The dematerialized contract is then stored on the servers of the Conseil National des Barreaux for up to 70 years.

In the case of a deed or contract marked "Acte d'avocat", whether in fully dematerialized .pdf format or in "paper" format, the Law Office of Timo Rainio ensures that the parties have given their consent, and attests to their signature and identity, which it will have verified beforehand.

As part of our support for your company, we can also carry out a contractual and advertising audit, analyzing your advertising campaigns and customer signage to check that they comply with current legislation.

A contract may include articles or clauses that could have serious consequences for one or other of the contracting parties. The contract lawyers at Cabinet Avocats Rainio are at your side to provide you with comprehensive, effective legal assistance, at a fixed rate or fee, defined in advance. Our Contract Lawyers have an excellent knowledge of contract law. We can therefore take on the task of drafting a contract or General Terms and Conditions in French or in English, depending on the company's needs. A lawyer specializing in contract law, close to your company, in Lyon or in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, can assist you and take charge of drafting these contractual documents to give your business the best possible protection.

Contract drafting lawyer - legal design :

Contracts signed by your business or company must be analyzed and drafted beforehand to ensure they are effective and protective. Through legal design, our law firm can also help you draft or revise your contracts to make them more accessible to non-lawyers, to your prospects and to those who are uninitiated in the law, by simplifying certain clauses and adding graphic elements. One of the aims of legal design is to make contracts more attractive, easier to read and more comprehensible, particularly for the parties involved. Legal design" is not just about making a contract or legal document more "graphic" or "cosmetic" by adding icons or suitable images, but also about simplifying its terms by getting to the heart of the parties' obligations. Nor is legal design limited to contract law: it can be used in other areas of law, such as corporate law for a shareholders' agreement, or labor law, for example, for internal regulations or a company or establishment agreement via a company reférundum or CSE agreement. The advantages of "legal design" are to enable the customer or prospect to have a better "global" understanding of the deed or contract they are signing, with the aim of increasing confidence and limiting litigation. A contract whose obligations are understood by all parties as soon as it is signed generally leads to fewer legal disputes. However, the main disadvantage of "legal design" is that the "transformed" deed or contract may, in some cases, become a little less secure for the seller/supplier, since it is sometimes not possible to summarize complex contractual obligations... A contrario, in the event of a dispute, it may be easier for one or other party to contest a point in the contract that has been oversimplified due to legal design, but on a case-by-case basis. The other disadvantage is that the contract or deed in 'legal design' form is sometimes longer (in terms of number of pages) than the original contract. However, the advantages of legal design generally outweigh the disadvantages. Avocats Rainio can offer you this type of legal design service. Me Timo RAINIO, a lawyer based in Lyon, close to your company and involved in contract law, will be able to advise you and take charge of drafting your service contract, or any other contract required by your business or company.

Lawyer for business transfers and management leases:

The acquisition or sale of a business is sometimes not possible because of the substantial financing required. In such cases, the legal solution of a management lease may be better suited to the financial situation of the parties to the contract, buyer and seller of the business. A lease management contract enables the lessee-manager to test the business before purchasing it through a deed of transfer of goodwill. An experienced commercial lawyer can assist you with the legal aspects of buying or selling a business, as well as drafting a lease management agreement. Our Lyon law firm offers legal services on a fixed-fee basis for this type of transaction.

Commercial lease lawyer :

Drafting and signing a commercial lease is a complex operation for both lessor and lessee, given their diverging interests. Even if the Loi Pinel has regulated certain clauses, such as the obligation of solidarity between successive lessees, there are still certain clauses in commercial leases that are dangerous for both lessee and lessor. The consequences of poorly drafted commercial leases can be decisive for both the lessor and the lessee, particularly when the location of the premises is crucial to the business, as in the case of a restaurant, café or bar.

This type of contract is governed by articles L145-1 et seq. of the French Commercial Code. The Commercial Code sets out the obligations of each party to a commercial lease contract. However, the tenant benefits from highly protective provisions: the minimum duration of the commercial lease is 9 years, the tenant has the right to renew the lease, rent is regulated, revised and capped, and the tenant is entitled to an eviction indemnity in the event of termination of the lease or unjustified refusal to renew by the lessor. The assistance of a Commercial Lawyer during negotiations and the signing of a lease, or in the event of a dispute relating to a Commercial Lease, will enable you to secure your business or company.

Why call on a french digital lawyer in Lyon?

Avocats Rainio can help you quickly and amicably remove litigious content on the Internet by issuing a formal notice, or, failing that, by taking legal action in France. A digital lawyer in Lyon can provide you with legal advice to prevent damage to your company's e-reputation (brand monitoring, monitoring of social networks, online video broadcasting sites, online newspapers, forums... etc.). ), setting up legal watch and protection (trademark registration...etc.) and working in liaison with your SEO or e-reputation company in charge of technical solutions (control of the company's online advertising, SEO, creation of pages according to specific keywords...etc.). In the end, legal and technical prevention will always cost less than curing an attack on your company's e-reputation, in terms of loss of image and reputation, loss of customers and sales, particularly as a result of "bad buzz".

Why call on the services of an french employment lawyer in Lyon?

A lawyer in Lyon specializing in labor law is essential when a labor dispute with one or more employees in the company becomes complicated, or beforehand to prevent litigation before the Conseil de Prud'hommes or the labor inspectorate. The labor lawyer's primary mission is to advise his client on his rights and obligations, whether as employer or employee. An employment lawyer is fully conversant with the intricacies of this complex field of law, due to the application of multiple texts: laws, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, company agreements, internal regulations, employment contracts, etc. Our knowledge of the labour courts enables us to help you prevent disputes with an employee, or to better negotiate a departure with an employer via a settlement agreement or a "rupture conventionnelle". In the event of litigation, we can explain the essential elements of the case and the main stages of the procedure in a straightforward manner. We will then present you with the chosen strategy.
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